World's 1st Blanket Naturally Adjusting to Body Temperature
Sleep better with the only pure graphene blanket that keeps you at perfect temperature throughout the night.
Regulates Body Temperature
Pure Graphene
Super Durable
10 year warranty
Prevents Humidity
Sleep in Perfect Temperature
Are you a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper? No matter if you tend to sweat or feel cold at night, HILU has got you covered.

Adaptex technology regulates your body temperature naturally (no more waking up to adjust the thermostat). Enjoy your uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling totally refreshed.
World’s 1st Pure Graphene Blanket is Great in Bed
Who would've thought the futuristic material dubbed as a breakthrough in the tech world and used by microchip producers, also packs a punch when it’s time to knock yourself out in bed.
Pure Graphene Fibers with Adaptex Technology
HILU reacts naturally to the touch of your skin.

To keep you comfortable, HILU absorbs cool/warm air within its fibers and releases warm/cool air throughout the night to keep you at the right temperature.
Regulates Humidity
Don't sweat it with HILU. It's carefully made from pure graphene that helps absorb and disburses heat or cold extraordinarily well within its fibers to give you the magical night sleep.

Maintain the perfect body temperature throughout the night to improve the quality of your sleep. Imagine waking up clean, dry, ready to take on the day focused and energized.
Your Most Durable Blanket Ever
You can cut sleepless nights but not this blanket.

HILU is made of genuine Graphene fibers that guarantees durability making it the strongest fabric in the market that can handle the test of time.

We are so confident with our superior craftsmanship and we are backing it up with A TEN (10) YEAR WARRANTY to give you peace of mind that HILU will be there with you.
AI-based safety driving index
BatonPlug utilizes its built-in sensors and microcontrollers to effectively and accurately track your driving behavior based on several parameters, such as acceleration, gyroscope, braking, geomagnetic and a few other sensors. The AI algorithm then scores and transmits the data to your smartphone so you can always be aware of your driving habits.
HILU Has Got You Covered
When you're in bed or traveling, HILU is your natural and convenient sleep solution. It’s made for those who have:
  • An active lifestyle
  • Hormonal Imbalance / Menopause
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Sleep Disorder
Smoke Gray
Cobalt Blue
Citron Yellow
Say Hello To Your HILU Options
  • Pure Graphene Fiber, patented Adaptex technology
  • Full/Queen 203x229cm (80x90in), King 229cmx229(90x90in)
  • Blanket: Dark Gray, Stitching: Gray, Blue, Yellow